Yoga Asana that Fosters an Increase in the Height Faster

Yoga has been an ancient system of keeping the body healthy and fit with some postures of the body only. These postures are known as Asanas in the yoga terminology. Here are some of the asanas that can help one get height increased with regular practice.

Marjariasana: This asana is also known as the Cat Pose as it resembles the posture of the cat. It is known to be the basic step of Ashtanga yoga, which is preferably practiced in the morning time. The benefit of this asana of yoga is that it enhances the flexibility level of the spine and also makes the shoulders strong and firm. It also fastens the flow of blood in the body and gives proper frame to the abdomen by reducing the extra fat from the body.

Tadasana: this pose is also known as the Mountain posture which forms the base of all the poses of yoga. A benefit with this asana is that it gives you the choice of practicing at any point of the day. It brings an improvement in the physique of thighs and knees and also makes them firm and strong.  It also activates the spine and also improves the balancing position.

Vrikshasana:  This pose is similar to the pose of a tree and hence known as Tree Pose. The best time to practice this posture is when the Sun rises, and one should do it with open eyes. It is preferred in the morning time as one feels fresh and is able to focus better and deal with the mental activities of the day in an effective manner. The benefit of this yoga pose is that gives strength to the muscles of the leg, to the knees thus improves the level of stability and provides adaptability.

Trikonasana: This asana is also known to be Triangle pose as one needs to form a triangle while practicing this posture. While doing this asana one does not need to close the eyes as a proper balance needs to be maintained. The best time to practice this asana is during the morning without eating anything. The benefit of this asana is that it helps in enhancing the functions of the body and extends the muscles of the legs and knees. It is also effective in unlocking the hamstrings and spine.

Chakrasana: This pose resembles that of a wheel and is very effective in growing tall faster. This pose involves bending of the body inward and outward thereby providing better flexibility to the spine, which in turn fosters the increase in height.

Parivrtta Trikonasana:  this posture of yoga is the opposite of the Triangle pose as in this one take the posture of the triangle that is inverted. This asana is considered to be the best for providing flexibility to the back and the lower portion of the body and also gives proper balance, which is the basic ingredient for increasing the height.